Product Capabilities

Quality Inherited

We inherit Quality in real sense. It is our legacy. It is the culture and it runs through our adrenaline. For us, quality is not just passion but religion. That is what we mean and that is what we breathe.

Quality is at centre stage, in every activity-right from Raw material procurement. Material inward system, Laboratory testing, Material handling and Accounting, Identification, Storing and Preservation, Processing, Packaging, Forwarding and Dispatch. In every sphere of operation, quality is assured to the hilt.

KLINGELNBERG P40 Gear Testing Machine

Flawless Assurance

Quality Assurance practices are bolstered by computerized process plans & stage - wise process drawings supported with 2D & 3D designs. Meticulously thought over "In-process quality Plans" ensured through inspection & quality assurance throughout the entire process. ‚ÄčThe robust and comprehensive ERP system is the backbone of our entire operation. Nevertheless, our skilled and empowered Quality Assurance Team is always on its toes to see that entire Quality Assurance activities run flawlessly, like a well-oiled machine.


Type of Instrument Capacity
Gear Tester-PH 40 Lead & profile Dia. 400 mm
Gear Tester-PH 60 Lead & profile Dia. 600 mm
Portable Surface Roughness Tester --
Crack Tester --
Demagnetizer Dia. 300 mm
Hardness Tester- BHN
Hardness Tester -HRC

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